Exhibitions – Oct 7 Mel

Donna Huanca
Scar Cymbals


My first time at the Zabludwicz Collection, though I should be boycotting it, I wanted to see what the gallery was like for myself. The show was very asthetically pleasing and seemed to tick all the boxes of an interesting good piece and yet left me wanting something more.

The psychological refrences of the labrynth and the three story glass house were easy to get. I liked that the mark making and self body painting were simply part of the greater process of traveling between structures. However I was dissapointed by the representation of what seems to be the essentail, though objectified, human as a skinny, white, female model.

The angle of the viewer is strange. everything is clinical except the models who are messy yet detached expressionless, simply and duitifuly moving through repetetive processes – walking through the labrynth of the mind or ascending and descending the levels of the psychy. The viewer watches this and in a sense they are watching themselves from a birds eye (much more arty) view.

I am uncertain about the element of ritual in the work. I think of ritual as something which to be effective or to have meaning must be performed. What happens when the work is experienced as a passive onlooker of a unique one off ritual?

I only realized up reading up after the exhibit that the sound element in the main room responded through pitch variation to the proximity of the viewer. I find that interesting and I liked how low the frequency of sound was – made everything feel a bit spacy.

Interesting to see that the Donna has made music under the name Rua Minx

Exhibitions – Oct 7 Mel

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