Exp Sound Collective – Oct 15/16 mel


Lucia rented the room at Goldsmiths for two days.

Day 1

Lucia, Olivia (intermiditly), and I. We brought most of the gear to the space on the first day. We took many breaks which involved charity, book, and record shops, rumaging through skipps, and rolling down a hill. The breaks were nessecary and reflected Lucia and Olivia’s focus and interest in textiles and sculpture. We took turns rotating through the instruments and objects growling for vocals at one point. future goup vocal excersize: screaming, laughing and growling. It was good to start the first day with just the three of us and establish some familiarity with eachother and the sound making. We were not conserned with sounding “good” or playing the “right” way. In the evening we went to be extras in a play in Farington.

Day 2 

We set up the room clearing space and placing things around. Stan joined us, a perfessional guitarist and eventually Will. The jam became more focused on formal music. I did not step in or redirect, we had no layed out purpose/peramiters for the jam. I think we were trying to figure out ourselves how far along the specrum of music formalism we want to be in. When Karum joined he seemed to wordlessly lead the jam into a more experiemntal territory. more people joined until 6 hours had magicly passed.

I liked being there for the whole duration and watching the environment and the things going on inside it morph and change with the flux of people. Often in circles, zig-zags, or lines we moved around the room changing and engaging with different elements of sound making.  What would it mean to perform in such away? is there even a need for an audience which is not participating?

I would like to make this a monthly thing bringing people from drifferent places and univercities (chelsea, goldsmiths, CSM, guildhall) together. I could see the jams as a means for generating off shoot colaborations and performance ideas.

Some ideas already: scores & make a film and then resonding w a sound track

A mash up I editted from the 3h of recording (there was much more than 3h of playing)



Exp Sound Collective – Oct 15/16 mel

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