Over the summer I skipped a midi keyboard. I stopped learning how to use it and operate Ableton when term started as I wasn’t sure how it could be relevant to a Fine Art practice/didn’t have a direct application for it. Although perhaps that is a backwards way of looking at a term aimed at experimentation.

I had the idea that I wanted to use the dials on the midi keyboard to modulate the tones/fq that I chose for the lowest fq (adapting pitch, volume, eq, tonality). By working Live with Ableton (apposed to Audition which is more structured and linear) I could create something which is not complete planned out  but is based on a loose set of tones which organically comes together based on feel, listening, and essentially my subjectivity.

With a friend, over the summer, we figured out how to map the midi to ableton and use the dials, how ever the modulations and effects we made with the dials were not recorded in when we recorded (only the notes were). So I used Lynda to familiarize myself with my ableton.

I realized that I am trying to use an Audio Clip with midi  which doesn’t work. I looked into converting the Audio Clip into a Midi Clip but all of the options to do so alter the clip in ways I don’t want – from my understanding.

another option may be to try an use midi to operate audio effects on an audio clip… don’t really know how any of it works it may be better to work in Audition.



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