adobe audition – tone generator

When a sine wave is mixed with one of identical frequency but opposite amplitude (ie: of an inverse polarity), the combined result is silence.[2] A two-channel stereo recording contains a number of waveforms; sounds that are panned to the extreme left or right will contain the greatest difference in amplitude between the two channels, while those towards the centre will contain the smallest. A mix of the left channel with the polar inverse of the right channel will reduce centre-panned sounds towards silence, while preserving those towards the extremities.[3]

In practice, the OOPS technique can be performed by inverting the polarity of one speaker or signal lead.[4] It can also be performed using digital audio software such as Audacity by inverting one of the channels of a stereo audio waveform, and then summing both channels together to create a single mono channel.


adobe audition – tone generator

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