show Bea 1:57, a beautiful effect on the drum… is that a Persian drum? Manj can make a similar sound on the jembe by creating tension… one hand dampening the drum, hand flat on the skin while the other taps.. can’t remember exactly how he does it. Another favourite sound of mine is making a cymbal sing or scream or moan, holding the drumstick perpendicular to the cymbal with a lot of pressure pushing it across/around the cymbal.

when i asked my brother what the effect is called he didn’t know but made me a quick vid

Another effect on the jembe..  when you have your arm inside the jembe and pull it out as you hit the skin with the other. It sounds a bit like the drum in the into to the Suspiria theme 0:54 on the youtube vid of the soundtrack posted bellow

That deep bounce that can also be made on the talking drum by releasing and returning pressure to the skin by squeezing the stringed sides. That deep bounce is also similar to the tabla

That deep bounce is also similar to the baya tabla – the larger tabla

around 35min the tabla solo starts

Just brainstorming percussion ideas/insperation. I’m sure there are many many different world drums that make a low bouncing sound. In that particular track on the Susperia soundtrack the drum creates tension.

I would like to make different make shift cymbals and percussion, as well as using midi and borrowing stan’s jembe. I started trying to make mallet last night with a paint brush and some wax. I need to check charity shops and music shops for little glockenspiels to make a kind of lullaby/music box theme


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