It started with the quote from Arthur Russlle’s biography “I think, ultimately you’ll be able to make dance records without using any drums at all. Songs with out beat would be the source of the most rhythmic reality.” this really stuck with me. Thinking about absence and presence and the space that creates the beat difference and reputation. It also really relates to my essay from first term which references Sonic Warfare… how sound its self is essentially rhythmic disturbances.

playing djembe and bass i played around with recordings wanting to speed up a drum beat into a drone. Brainstorming different possibilities for a performance.

I had this recording I recovered from foundation… a moment I had completely forgotten about when Karum recorded me playing piano or singing in the stairwell. His little recorder had loop functions and as he was recording me he was capturing little bits and looping them. I was interested in the possibility of doing that again as a live performance. I used that vocal track in Ableton with the Chopping Block effect.  Another thing that I was interested in as the effect randomly captures and repeats bits of sound when you run a clip through it.





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